POSITHÔT is hiring

To realize its new AM Gen project, POSITHÔT is hiring:


  • An electrical engineer or PhD, having knowledge in high frequency and high voltage devices, and if possible with an experience on particle accelerator. He will oversee the assembling and testing of the power source of the AM Gen generator.


  • A mechanical engineer or PhD, if possible having an experience in vacuum and thermal systems. He will oversee assembling and testing of the AM Gen generator.


  • A PhD having an experience in defect measurement by positron annihilation for materials science application. He will oversee the defect measurements activities for industrial customers.


The AM Gen project is the first non-radioactive and transportable positron generator. It is funded by the Investissements d’Avenir Innov’up Leader program, from which POSITHÔT is laureate. This innovation is funded by Région Ile de France and BPI France.

For more detailed informations, or postulate, send your resume and motivation letter to contact@posithot.com .